Abstract paintings

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  • Blue Variation
    Blue Variation
  • Call of the Canyon
    Call of the Canyon
  • Canyon Song
    Canyon Song
  • Nothing Else Matters
    Nothing Else Matters
  • When Red and Blue meet
    When Red and Blue meet
  • Red Hills
    Red Hills
  • Umbroglio
  • Antelope Light
    Antelope Light
  • Blue shades
    Blue shades
  • Time to Time
    Time to Time
  • Cefalu
  • Mood in Blue
    Mood in Blue
  • Sens Dessus Dessous
    Sens Dessus Dessous
  • Abstraction automnale
    Abstraction automnale
  • Positive Energy
    Positive Energy
  • Crazy Colors
    Crazy Colors
  • Fall folliage
    Fall folliage
  • Sunset over the village
    Sunset over the village
  • Umbria
  • USA News
    USA News

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